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Should Every Business have Lawyers?


I am a lawyer and for the first 5 years of my career, I was the legal counsel for a small corporation here in Texas. I worked as an in-house lawyer, specifically under their insurance department. My job was simple: to make sure that the insurance department was carrying out claims in the most legal manner as possible and that clients’ rights were protected. Fast forward to today, I am now in private practice and I find myself dealing with insurance companies that don’t have their own lawyers. The question here is: should every business have their own lawyers?

My answer is YES! First, it helps having a lawyer as a retainer in your company because he’s paid on a salary rather than having billable hours. he may not be earning as much as the private practice lawyers, but he has a consistent income. Second, you don’t need to go look for a lawyer because you already have one. The moment you have legal issues, you simply need to phone them in. lastly, having a lawyer in your company will be for the benefit of your employees because they can go to him or her when they have legal issues.

Hire the Best Business Lawyers in Town – That’s us

Why do we call ourselves the best business lawyers in town? First, we’ve got the experience. Our sum total of experience as lawyers is close to 100 years, with close to 8 associates and 10 paralegals working side by side. We’ve been through every case imaginable and we know how to protect your business inside and out. From protecting your assets to providing coverage for your employees and protecting their rights, our services are considered as the best.

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Second, our law firm is comprised of individuals who have different specializations yet work together towards the same goal: towards the protection of business entities in the corporate world. We have different lawyers who specialize in making contracts. We have lawyers who specialize in employee rights and compensation. We also have lawyers who specialize in corporate tax and assets. We have lawyers who are the jack of all trades, so in a sense, our law firm is also a jack of all trades.

Are you going to do business negotiations or transactions with other companies? Let us be there to make sure that everything goes according to plan and that you won’t be screwed over. Are you going to franchise your company to a foreign investor? We’ll be there to make sure that the transition and business negotiations are in place.